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Dually. Gold medal design.


Dually, the new Made in Italy capsule coffee machine with two brewing units designed by Saeco for the Ho.Re.Ca. and OCS sectors, won the Good Design Award 2018, the oldest and most prestigious international award for design excellence and innovation.

The award was promoted by the Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design of Chicago in 1950, and is assigned every year to the innovations that promise to open new roads and push the boundaries of industrial design.

Indeed, Dually is a perfect combination of a coffee-break coffee machine for the workplace and a professional machine to be used in bars, stalls, restaurants and hotel breakfast rooms, thanks to the high number of daily beverages it is capable of providing.

Professionals will like the possibility to deliver hot water, modulate steam dispensing and set their own dosage and temperature for each beverage from the display.

In the workplace, Dually is appreciated for its small footprint, ease of use, wide range of beverages and speed of delivery.

Its compact design enhances the two brewing units and the wide 7” touch screen display.

Dually mounts the ALL-CAP system that makes it possible to use different types of capsules; it is currently available in the Espresso Point® and Nespresso®-compatible versions. The two brewing units are completely independent from one another and are equipped with a raised cup tray for espresso cups which can be tilted to make space for bigger cups up to a height of 150 mm. Additionally, each unit has its own drip tray and container for used capsules.

Thanks to its characteristics Dually can deliver a wide range of beverages, besides hot water for tea and herbal teas. The touch user interface is wide and easy to use: the user-friendly menu shown on the display offers the possibility of selecting predosed beverages or setting one’s own dose and temperature, for increased customization.

The display also gives access to the password-protected technical menu. The water supply is guaranteed by an autonomous tank; however, Dually is also available in the version that can be connected directly to the water supply system. Total front accessibility for emptying drawers and filling tanks makes this machine extremely practical.

Thanks to all these features, Dually can be considered a revolutionary product, worthy of being part of the permanent collection of the Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design of Chicago.



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