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Discover the new “look&feel” of IperAutomatica.


IperAutomatica, the Saeco Professional solution for out-of-home use, now sports a new, even more eye-catching image.

Thanks to its compact size (max 550 mm in height), IperAutomatica is perfect even in tight spaces and incredibly versatile since it dispenses up to 8 different beverages using coffee beans and 2 soluble drinks.


Simple to use and service thanks to its modular internal parts and easily accessed water reservoir, IperAutomatica allows you to create your own personal recipes and is compatible with the major payment system protocols and statistical data collection via the EVA-DTS protocol.


Main features


Professional components

Coffee brewing unit, coffee grinder, boiler


Modularity of the system

Soluble beverage module, coffee grinder module, coffee module, water module


Photorealistic icons

New buttons with photorealistic icons allow you to choose your beverage in an easy, intuitive way


Functional details

Dispensing area 145 mm in height; the labels can be customized


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